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Phillip Phillips came into this world January, 27 1874 in a little town known as Memphis, Tennessee. Little did the world know, a philanthropist had just been born. When Phillip grew up he attended Columbia University with a passion for the Medical Field. He graduated Columbia and was granted his degree.



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In 1894 Phillip came to Florida and found great opportunity in the Citrus Business. He purchased his very first citrus grove in Satsuma. One year later in 1895 the MOST devastating freeze hit central Florida, and for 2 days straight all of the life was sucked out of the Grove that Phillip put his hard work and dedication into. This left him no choice but to move back to Tennessee.

Two years later in 1897 Phillip attempted to move back to Florida. This time buying 5,000 Acres of Citrus Grove in Osceola County. In 1905 he purchased a Grove on the south side of Sand Lake. Years later this site became known as the site of Orlando Regional Sand Lake, renamed in 2006 as the Dr. Phillips Hospital, in Honor of Dr. Phillips himself. Dr. Phillips had a loving wife, Della and two sons. The eldest son, Howard was born March 27, 1902 in Lebanon, TN, and his youngest son Walter was born November 27, 1904 in Kissimmee, FL. This wonderful family lived, and grew in Orlando for many many years.

When the company expanded, Dr. Phillips brought help into the state from the Bahamas. This kicked off the building process of what is known today as the wonderful town of none other than, "Dr.Phillips." Homes were put up to house the Grove helpers, as well as a Post Office, for the much needed services they provided. The very first charitable organization was founded in 1953, known as the "Dr. P. Phillips Foundation," in honor of the children and families in Central Florida with Medical needs. In fact his motto was, "To help others help themselves." In 1954 Granada Groves which was a partnership between Diversified Services and Minute Maid, purchased the Citrus Grove Business.

he death of  Dr.Phillips himself came in 1959 on the day of April 18th. His precious wife, Della passed away several years later in 1968. The Family Legacy was left in the hands of their eldest son, Howard. He carried out the legacy of his family until his passing in1979.

If your wondering where all the families finances went after they all passed away, the answer is, "Charity." Howard left ALL the family holdings to be used in Charitable needs of those in the community. One man created a Legacy which even after he was gone touched the lives of thousands even tens of thousands of children and families on a daily basis. To find out more about Dr Phillips go to:

Dr Phillips Inc
60 West Robinson Street, Orlando
(407) 422-6105

If it weren't for Dr. Phillips himself, Central Florida would have never had such an amazing town with the inspiring history that it does, and today holds some of the most Luxurious homes, close knit families, and successful businesses.

Dr Phillips is known for its A rated schools and "Restaurant Row" located on Sand Lake in Dr Phillips.  Restaurants in the "Restaurant Row" area of Orlando in Dr. Phillips are near International Drive.

1. Chatham's Place

A restaurant that has become an institution in Orlando, and is also very pricey. Is located in Phillips Place on Dr. Phillips Blvd, across from Dr. Phillips Marketplace; can also see the marquee from Sand Lake Rd. near The Fountains at Bay Hill (on the far west side).

2. Christini's Ristorante Italiano

Upscale Italian restaurant where spending over $200 on two is not unheard of. Last I saw, jacket was required here. Proposed to my wife here; it remains a nice memory to her. Located in Dr. Phillips Marketplace on Dr. Phillips Blvd.

3. Mortons The Steakhouse

This is the upscale steakhouse chain whose Orlando location received the 2006 Orlando Foodie Award for Best High End Steakhouse (Critic's Choice). Located in Dr. Phillips Marketplace on the very south side which faces Sand Lake Rd. and is near the Office Depot.

4. Bonefish Grill

A seafood chain (last I heard it was owned by Outback) with other locations in Florida. It has a nice interior and is a lively place. I would not call the food "exceptional", but for an "upscale" type restaurant it is a good value. I like the "Bang Bang Shrimp", which is an appetizer, but can be turned into a meal. Located on Sand Lake Rd. by Little Sand Lake, right by the Barnes and Noble bookstore.

5. Amura Sushi
An upscale sushi place with several locations in the Orlando area, and has won awards for "Best Sushi" by the Orlando Sentinel. On Sand Lake Rd. between Bonefish Grill and Roy's.

6. Roy's

A branch of the international chain founded by chef Roy Yamaguchi, which specializes in "Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine" inspired by the flavors of Hawaii he remembered from his youth, and is known for its pan-Asian cuisine. Previously was Orlando Leisure Magazine's pick for the "Best of Restaurant Row." I had the best ribs I remember having here. Located on Sand Lake Rd.

7. Cedar's Restaurant

A Lebanese restaurant (the Bible refers to "the cedars of Lebanon") with outdoor seating overlooking Little Sand Lake as well as indoor seating. On Saturday night they have belly dancing there. On Sand Lake Rd. near Seasons 52.

8. Seasons 52

This is a new Darden Restaurant Group chain (others include Red Lobster, Olive Garden, and Bahama Breeze) which is more upscale than their usual chains. The name refers to their using seasonal menus, and they also advertise that their entrees are all under 500 calories. Won Foodie award for "Most Romantic in Orlando" from the Orlando Sentinel readers. On Sand Lake Rd. (coming from International Drive, take a left at the Dr. Phillips Blvd light and it is directly in front of you).

9. The Samba Room

Located in the parking lot of Plaza Venezia (where the Publix is, but this is on the far east of the parking lot, away from Publix, by Timpano Chophouse), this is an upscale Latin flavored place as the name suggests.

10. Timpano Chophouse

This is an upscale steakhouse located next to The Samba Room at the east end of the Plaza Venezia parking lot on Sand Lake Rd. According to its website, it is trying to recreate the feel of the "big city" steakhouse. It also features The Starlight Lounge.

11. Ruth's Chris Steakhouse

One of three Orlando locations of the noted steakhouse chain, which also now has its headquarters in the Orlando area. Located in The Fountains at Bay Hill on the northside of Sand Lake Rd.; Ruth's Chris is at the very eastern end of The Fountains.

12. MoonFish Restaurant

Having perhaps the most interesting exterior of all the restaurants in Restaurant Row (it has a fake waterfall on the exterior of the restaurant), MoonFish Restaurant is a seafood restaurant with an Asian themed accent. It serves what it calls "Fish Fusion" cuisine. The butterflied shrimp was a popular entree when my family went a few years ago. Located on Sand Lake Rd. in The Fountains at Bay Hill on the east end.

13. The Melting Pot

One of three locations of the national fondue serving restaurant chain in Orlando. Located in The Fountains at Bay Hill on Sand Lake Rd.

14. Jeffrey's Restaurant and Piano Bar

Another fine dining restaurant in The Fountains at Bay Hill on Sand Lake Road, to the right of Moe's (the Tex-Mex eatery). Haven't eaten there, but did see the inside and the menu; it has entrees in the high $20's and $30's, with one "mixer" entree about $55. Opened in 2006. The above web page has a dining review of this establishment.

15. Ayothaya Thai Cuisine

A Thai restaurant in The Fountains of Bay Hill on Sand Lake Rd., which advertises its "Award Winning Ayothaya Pad Thai" noodle dish.

16. Antonio's Ristorante

Part of a local Italian upscale restaurant chain (the original is Antonio's La Fiamma in Maitland), this is located on the second floor of The Fountains at Bay Hill on Sand Lake Rd.

17. Carrino's Lakefront Restaurant

Family style Italian restaurant in Plaza Venezia, to the left of Publix, on Sand Lake Road. Menu's are at the above webpage (the street address they have is wrong, though; they say its on Turkey Lake Rd., which it isn't).

18. Vines Grille & Wine Bar
Vines Grille & Wine Bar, Orlando

19. Ocean Prime - Orlando
Ocean Prime - Orlando, Orlando

20. Bravo

21. Nagoya Sushi
7600 Doctor Phillips Boulevard, Orlando
(407) 248-8558

22. J Alexander's Orlando
J Alexander's Orlando, Orlando

Executives and locals love living here because of the great restaurants and great schools for the kids. Great schools and if you want to know the true preschool secrets call Cynthia at 407-492-5749 who has had her kids with the best Ms. Meena.

Dr. Phillips High School
6500 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando
(407) 355-3200

Dr Phillips Elementary School
6909 Doctor Phillips Boulevard, Orlando
(407) 354-2600

Dr Phillips is also know for its great medical treatments that is so close to residents:

Dr. P. Phillips Hospital
9400 Turkey Lake Road

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