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Empower yourself to learn the skills necessary to sell your own property. Have the freedom of being in control. With the proper knowledge gain the advantage to make your own financial decisions. Have more flexibility and independence.

It is very important that your house has curb appeal, an impeccable outside appearance. This means clean, spacious, and attractive. Painting and retouching your house goes a long way. It is the first part of the house that people see that is why it is important not to neglect this area. Keep your lawn and shrubs well maintained.

Pay close attention to having a clean front door and removing any foul odors from the entrance. Proceed to carry out necessary repairs.  Temporarily store all your clutter somewhere else; this is very unappealing to buyers. Remove family photographs and items this is for when a home buyer walks into your house, you want the potential buyer to be able to imagine their own personal items in the space. Leave your house kitchen and dining area very clean so that you leave a good impression.

You can use the internet to market your house for free. Without exposure selling your house is impossible.  

Remember to keep your house appealing to the five senses, buyer will use all five. Make sure that the home looks, feels, smells, tastes, and sounds, like a home that you would want to purchase.

Become familiar of the current housing market and today's economy.  

Use aggressive Marketing; let prospective buyers know you are selling by using all the resources that are available. Newspapers, internet, and free websites like craigslist or specialty sites. Create your own personal brochures, highlighting all the specs of your home.   

Castle Bella Team help more home sellers sell than any other agent in Florida.

 Top 5 things to do to sell your house

  • Marketing
  • Right Price To Sell in Today's Market
  • Outside Presentation (Curb Appeal)
  • Inside Presentation
  • Incentives for Buyers: Offering to pay the buyer's closing costs, fix-up expenses or even a vacation will interest more buyers.


The number one thing involved in selling your house fast is the price. The price of your home should not be what you personally think it is worth.

To sell your house fast, you have to find a price that is attractive to buyers. The best way to do this is to look for comparable houses in your neighborhood that sold fast. Find out how much they sold for and compare your price to the prices the other houses went for. If you are above those prices, you need to take a deep breath and lower your price. Just follow the lead set by your neighbors.

Castle Bella is attentive to client needs. Our expertise and loyalty to clients has resulted in great success.

There are many important aspects to consider when selling a home. Receive a FREE consultation. The Castle Bella Team will provide you with excellent advice to help you SELL YOUR HOME.

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